Hear us sing at Christmas and in May in Carnforth, Morecambe and Lancaster

In the current situation we can only look forward to when we can next gather and rehearse. We hope to start rehearsing again after Easter.

This risk assessment was started in November 2020 when Lancashire was in Tier 3. It basically defines what we must do to resume rehearsals. Much has changed since then. It is likely that most members will be vaccinated by Easter. However we may still be infectious so some precautions will be needed.

Risk Assessment of Society Activities

Carnforth and District Choral Society

Activity: Rehearsal in Carnforth Parish Hall

Hazard: Infection of people (members or non- members) with coronavirus, as result of the activity.

Step Activity Risk Countermeasure Who by
1 Asses local infection rate National and local restrictions change Assess impact of change on rehearsal risk assessment Committee
2 Ensure venue is COVID secure Infection Review venue choice Committee
3 Assess venue for 30 singers Crowded Limit numbers as required or review venue choice Committee
4 Prepare music sheets Infected Do 3 days in advance, put in plastic sleeves and distribute. Librarians
5 Members waiting outside Infection of others or from others 2m spacing, mask Singers
6 Enter hall Rooms not previously sanitised Use surface sanitiser on doors, handles switches and surfaces as specified. Storeroom, toilets and main room Stage Gang
7 Prepare hall Furniture and fittings not previously sanitised Sanitise. Include piano and piano key. Prevent access to kitchen. Hand sanitisers, wipes and lined bins outside toilets.
Open downwind side windows and doors
Stage Gang
8 Members arrive with CV infection Infection of others Questionnaire -direct to go home if at risk
(ALL members to bring a completed questionnaire to each rehearsal. Needed for Test and Trace)
Stage Gang
8(a) Members arrive who are vulnerable/shielding Infection from others Direct to go home Stage Gang
9 Admit members Cross infection, Airborne infection Direct to correct place on grid Stage Gang
10 Stand in place directed Cross infection, Airborne infection Hand sanitise, wear mask, 2m spacing. Go to correct place on grid. Do not mingle.
Do not go to the upholstered chairs
11 Member symptomatic during rehearsal Infection of others Send home (isolate if waiting for transport) terminate rehearsal. All to self-isolate, clean rooms, tell venue All
12 Interval Cross infection Stay in place and use own refreshments. All
13 Toilets Infected surfaces One person at a time. Sanitise hands outside before and after use; wash hands at sink inside All
14 Members found to have CV within 10 days after Cross infection Warn members of this possibility leading to self-isolation of all present. Record who did what and who stood where Leader
15 Restart rehearsal Cross infection Stay in place All
16 End rehearsal Cross infection Direct to leave at 2m spacing All
17 Clean Infected surfaces Sanitise chairs, tables, piano Stage Gang
18 Leave hall Infection of next users Return sanitisers, bins, piano key to storeroom. Take bagged waste away and store for 3 days before disposal. Sanitise door handles and switches Stage Gang/venue?